All of the music posted here was created entirely with MusiGenesis. These samples are available in three different formats: MG1, WAV and MP3. If you've already downloaded and installed the free MusiGenesis evaluation version, you can download these samples in MG1 format and play them with MusiGenesis. Otherwise, download the MP3 files in order to hear full-length mixes of MusiGenesis, or download the WAV files in order to hear shorter, loopable versions of each song.

HINT: to save these files to you computer, right-click on each file and select Save Target As.

Song Title  I See No Enemy
Creator  Kenneth Adams
Description  This song incorporates some samples from Ben Hur and X-Men 2 along with the standard kickass rhythms and instrumentals.
MG1  i see no enemy.mg1    2.21 MB
MP3  I see no enemy [MIX E].mp3    6.08 MB

Song Title  Wall Street
Creator  Kenneth Adams
Description  This song has a great rhythm and some cool-sounding chord changes. The vocal samples are from Gordon Gekko's famous "greed" speech in the movie Wall Street.
MG1  wall street.mg1    1.74 MB
MP3  wall street [MIX A].mp3    8.59 MB
WAV  wall street [Percussion and Vocals] 140 BPM.wav    1.15 MB
wall street [Tuned Instruments] 140 BPM.wav    1.15 MB
wall street [Just Percussion] 140 BPM.wav    1.15 MB

Song Title  One Note at a Time
Creator  Kenneth Adams
Description  Great-sounding mix of drums, bassline and long background notes.
MG1  one note at a time.mg1    0.67 MB
MP3  one note at a time [MIX B].mp3    6.55 MB
WAV  one note at a time [Ambient].wav    1.15 MB
one note at a time [Just Percussion].wav    1.15 MB
one note at a time [Percussion and Bass].wav    1.15 MB