How MusiGenesis Works

A MusiGenesis song is composed of one or more tracks. Each track has one instrument (if the track is tuned) or multiple instruments (if the track is percussion). Each track also contains one or more patterns, and each pattern contains one or more notes.

You create a MusiGenesis song by adding tracks one at a time. After selecting the instrument(s) for the track, you click the track's ADD PATTERN button, and a randomly-generated pattern is added to the track.

If you like the pattern, you click the KEEP button to make it a permanent part of your song. Once you've kept the pattern, you can make additional changes to it with the MUTATE button. The MUTATE button will add one or more randomly-generated notes to the existing pattern. If you like the additions, click the KEEP button.

If you don't like the new pattern, you can edit it until you do like it (and then click KEEP), or else delete it and add a different pattern. Repeat this process until you've added as many patterns to the track as you wish (you can have up to 8 patterns in a single track).

After finishing the first track, repeat the process and add as many additional tracks as you wish. A MusiGenesis song can contain an unlimited number of tracks.

After you've added a number of tracks to your song, you can stretch your basic unit of music into a full-length song by putting MusiGenesis into MIXES mode. A mix is basically a set of instructions for turning tracks and patterns on and off as the mix plays.

You can add mixes to your song with the ADD MIX button. Just like with the patterns, if you like the mix, click the KEEP button, or delete it if you don't like it. Also like patterns, you can MUTATE mixes or edit them until you like the mix, and then keep it.

Once you have a mix that you like, you can export the mix in WAV or MP3 format.