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Easy to Use  Choose an instrument from a convenient list. Let MusiGenesis randomly place a few notes at a time. Keep the ones you like, delete the ones you donít like. Within minutes youíve "grown" your own music.

Built-in Software Synthesizer  MusiGenesis uses its own internal software synthesizer, so you don't need any equipment other than your PC and an ordinary sound card. MusiGenesis does not use or require MIDI or DirectX.

Large Number of Instruments  MusiGenesis has 189 built-in percussion instruments, including congas, kick drums, hi-hats, snares and many more, as well as 160 tuned instruments such as guitars, basses, pianos, strings and many more. Plus, the ability to import WAV files (*.wav) and Tuned WAV files (*.twv) as instruments means you wonít be stuck listening to the same sounds over and over again.

Infinite Variety  MusiGenesis gives you 4 different time signatures to choose from, and the tempo of your song can range from 60 to 320 bpm (beats-per-minute). Combined with the effectively unlimited number of instruments, you will never create the same piece of music twice.

AutoKey  MusiGenesis automatically figures out what key your song is in (based on the notes you're already kept) and makes sure that randomly-generated notes are in the same key.

Small File Size  The MusiGenesis file format (*.MG1) needs at most only a couple of megabytes to save your song.

Compatibility  MusiGenesis songs can be exported as WAV files (*.WAV), as MP3 files (*.MP3), or as MIDI files (*.MID) for use in other sequencing software like ACID, Cakewalk or FL Studio (Fruityloops).