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MusiGenesis uses its own internal software synthesizer, which means that you don't need any additional equipment to make music.

32-bit Mixing  Produces low levels of noise and distortion, better than synthesizers that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. MusiGenesis' sound quality is limited only by the samples used as instruments.

Unlimited Number of Instruments  There is no limit to the number of different instruments you can have playing in a song. Add as many as you think your song requires.

Unlimited Voices  You can add as many notes to your song as you like. MusiGenesis has no voice limitations at all, even on older and slower computers (MusiGenesis was written on a 5-year-old notebook computer running Windows 98). If your song requires literally hundreds of sounds to be heard at the same time, MusiGenesis can handle it.

Reverb  The MusiGenesis synthesizer comes with three built-in reverb algorithms that add rich 3D echoes to your song.

Full Stereo, CD-Quality Sound  Check out some MusiGenesis music and see for yourself how good it sounds.